every.now.then: reframing nationhood
2 February 2019

The Art Gallery of Ontario “First Thursday’s” program guide
design & concept by Nadia Gohar

Naturalized plants are those that have been introduced and become fully acclimated to a new region other than their place of origin. Many Canadian trees are a result of this crossover.

In the age of migration, refugees, exile and displacement, the idea of a single homeland has been transcended through the commonality of border crossing, reframing the way in which we conceptualize origins.


a. wild mulberry (morus alba)
b. horse chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum)
c. russian olive (elaeagnus angustifolia)
d. common cranberry (viburnum opulus)
e. english oak (quercus robur)
f. european black alder (alnus glutinosa)
g. glossy buckthorn (rhamnus frangula
h. ailanthus “tree of heaven” (ailanthus altissima)
f. common apple (malus sylvestris)